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300mm Test Wafers

Advanced Microlithography Design Services and Products

AVEM International

Ceramic End-Effectors / Wafer Chucks

Cleanroom Products

Compound Semiconductor / Advanced Silicon News, Free Digital Magazine

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump with Built in HEPA filters

Vacuum Pens for SMD components

ESD Safe Tubing for Cleanroom Use

Fluoroplastic Tube Fittings

Front/Back End Wafer/Chip/IC Handling Solutions

Ion Beam Press

Ion Counters - Measure Positive/Negative Ions

Light and Electron Microscopy, Microprobe Analysis

Lint-Free Wipers/ Masks

Negative Ion Generators (Ionizers)

OLM Enterprises: Semiconductor Equipment and Parts Resouce Center

PCB Fabrication

PEEK Metric Screws/Nuts/Bolts/Washers/Plugs

Plasma Etching/ Process Integration

Pressure Sensors/Switches


Society of Vacuum Coaters

Space Saving Spill Sensor and Spill Detector


University of Cincinnati Nanoelectronics Laboratory

Used Equipment for Semiconductor/LCD Production

Used Semiconductor Equipment

Vacuum Wands for Silicon Wafer Handling

Wafer Containers and Shippers

Wafer Tweezers for Semiconductor Wafer Handling

WebLinks to Databooks / Datasheets

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